• Fire Extinguishers


    As per NFPA 10 Portable Fire Extinguishers are to be inspected annually, with maintenance every 6 and 12 years. The service required is based on the age of the extinguisher, which is typically stamped on the bottom or printed on the label.

    Annual inspections can often be done on the spot while you wait. 6 and 12 year maintenance services take a little longer. Bring your extinguisher to our shop at 861 Station Avenue in Langford or have a Mobile Technician come to you.

    ABC Extinguishers manufactured prior to 1984 are no longer serviceable. We offer ABC Fire Extinguisher recycling for $2.50 each. This fee includes depressurization and disassembly of extinguisher, removal and disposal of powder, separation of plastics and metals for recycling.

    An annual inspection at our shop costs $7.50 +tax each regardless of size. Maintenance service are priced based on the size of the extinguisher and the service required. Give us a call today and we can guide you through the options and prices.

  • Fire Alarm Systems


    An automatic FIRE ALARM SYSTEM is designed to detect the unwanted presence of fire by monitoring environmental changes associated with combustion. In general, a fire alarm system is either classified as automatic, manually activated, or both. Automatic fire alarm systems can be used to notify people to evacuate in the event of a fire or other emergency, to summon emergency forces aid, and to prepare the structure and associated systems to control the spread of fire and smoke. NFPA 72 — National Fire Alarm Code requires Annual Testing and Maintenance of your fire alarm.

  • Monitoring


    Is your Fire Alarm System Monitored?

    Without monitoring Fire Departments do not receive notification when the Fire Alarm System is activated. These systems rely on building occupants or passersby to take the initiative to phone 911.

    Fire Alarm Monitoring takes reduces the uncertainty allowing you to rest easy knowing the Fire Department will be notified without delay; greatly minimizing the risk of injury and damage to the building.

    Western Canada Fire Protection is proud to offer monitoring services. We will supply, install, maintain, and inspect your monitoring system. Please give us a call for more information or to request a free quotation

  • Exit Signs and Emergency Lighting


    Has your emergency exit light burnt out? Oftentimes this is caused by a low battery, burnt bulb, or an outdated unit. WCFP technicians are trained to test and repair all emergency and exit light units. Repair service costs vary depending on the model and the cause.

    As per NFPA, BC Fire Codes, and your local Fire Department all emergency and exit lighting requires a 30 Minute Test annually to ensure your safety in the event of a fire or power outage. Give us a call today and we can guide you through the options and prices.

  • Sprinkler Systems


    BC FIRE CODE requires:

    Annual Inspection of your Fire Sprinkler system
    Annual Winterization (dry systems) - As the weather changes and temperature drops, your dry pipe system may experience condensation which may result in water accumulation in the sprinkler piping. This build up of water in the piping may be subject to freezing which could cause cracks or burst piping.
    3 year full flow trip test – Ensures adequate operation or dry pipe value and quick opening device (QOD), confirmation that water flows through the system efficeintly to the end of line within 60 seconds

  • Backflow Prevention Devices


    Annual Inspection of your Backflow Prevention Devices

    Backflow preventer devices prevent contaminated water from flowing backwards from the building into a municipality’s water distribution network. They are installed on several water supply lines, including fire sprinkler and/or standpipe systems, boilers, and irrigation systems.

    Backflow preventers must be serviced annually and a test report send to the Capital Regional District. Western Canada Fire Protection’s certified technicians inspect and test your Backflow Prevention Device, issue a report to the CRD, provide you with a copy of the report, and offer repair services as needed.

    To schedule an inspection for your Backflow Prevention Device please contact the CRD and assign Western Canada Fire Protection as your Backflow Prevention Tester; or call our office for assistance.

  • Inspection & Maintenance


    Is you equipment due for an Annual Inspection or in need of repairs? Give us a call today.

    Additional Fire Protection Equitment we service includes:
    CO2 Refills
    Emergency Generators
    Fire Safety Plans
    Hydrostatic Testing of gas cylinders
    Painball refills
    Smoke Alarms
    Standpipe Systems